The course teaches a basic knowledge of DC circuits. The core themes include the relationship between electrical voltage, current and resistance (Ohm's law) and the way current and voltage are distributed in a DC circuit (Kirchhoff's laws).  

Training objectives

1 Effects and applications of electricity
2 Atomic model
3 Basic electrical properties, chargevoltage and current
4 Simple circuits
5 Electrical resistance
6 Measurement of voltage and current in a circuit
7 Ohm's law
8 Kirchhoff's laws
9 Analysis of simple resistor circuits (series and parallel)
10 Determining resistance by means of a bridge circuit
11 Electrical power
12 Variable resistors and how they function
13 Inductors and capacitors in DC circuits


To successfully complete this course it is necessary to have knowledge of the following topics:

1 Fundamentals of electricity
2 Understanding of formulae and units
3 Understanding of the physical properties work and energy

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