This course imparts the fundamentals of AC circuits. Main subjects include calculations of AC variables and basic electrical properties of AC circuits such as resistancecapacitanceand inductance. Special consideration is paid here to filter (high-pass and low-pass) circuits as well as resonant circuits. The course is completed by a treatment of the fundamentals of transformers.  

Training objectives

Electrical variables in AC circuits
Definitions and characteristic parameters
Sample applications and advantages
Vector diagrams


Capacitance and inductance in AC circuits
Current and voltage characteristics, phase shift
Series and parallel connections
Voltage dividers
Equivalent circuit diagrams


Power in AC circuits
Active power
Reactive power
Apparent power and power factor


Filter Circuits
Definition of frequency response
Low-pass filters
High-pass filters
Band-pass filters


Resonant Circuits
Characteristic parameters
Series and parallel resonant circuits


Design and function
Operating characteristics in no-load and loaded states
Frequency response


A knowledge and understanding of the following subjects are necessary for the successful completion of this course:

Fundamentals of electricity (DC circuits)
Formulae and units
Work and energy as physical variables

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