SECTION VI-21: Viewing Register and Memory With MPLAB Simulator

The PIC micro-controller has one of the best tools and support systems, many of them free or inexpensive. MPLAB is an assembler, linker, and simulator provided for free by Microchip Corporation and can be downloaded from the w w w . m i c r o c h i p . c o m website.

Many assemblers and C compilers come with a simulator. Simulators allows us to view the contents of registers and memory after execution each instruction (single stepping). It is strongly recommended to use a simulator to single-step. Single stepping a program with a simulator gives us a deeper understanding of micro controller architecture. In addition to the fact that we can use it to find the nature of error in our programs.

Special Function Register Window in MPLAB Simulator


File Register (Data RAM) Window in MPLAB Simulator


Program (Code) ROM Window in MPLAB Simulator


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