SECTION VI-7: ROM Memory map in the PIC18 Family

Some PIC family members have only a few K of on-chip ROM, PIC18F2220, and some such as PIC18F6680, have 64K of ROM. PIC18F458 has 32K of on-chip ROM. No member of the PIC family can access more than 2M of opcode because the program counter in the PIC is 21-bits wide, 000000 to 1FFFFF address range.

First location of program ROM inside the PIC has the address of 000000, the last location can be different depending on the size of the ROM on the chip. See table below The PIC18F2220 has 4K of on-chip ROM. This 4K ROM memory has memory addresses of 00000 to 000FFFH. The first location of on-chip ROM of this PIC has an address of 000000 and the last location has the address of 0FFFH.

PIC18 On-Chip ROM Size and Address Range
On Chip Code ROM (BYTES) Code Address Range (HEX)


PIC18 On-Chip Program (Code) ROM Address Range


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