SECTION II-5: PIC micro-controller I/O Pins, Peripherals, trainer & other microcontrollers

SECTION  II-5: PIC micro-controller I/O Pins, Peripherals, trainer & other Micro-controllers

PIC Micro-controller I/O Pins:

The PIC18 can have from 16 to 72 pins dedicated for I/O. The number of I/O pins depends on the number of pins in the package itself. the number of pins for the PIC18 packages goes from 18 to 80 at this time. In the case of the 18-pin PIC18F1220, we have 16 pins for I/O, in case of the 80-pin PIC18F8722, we can use up to 72 pins for I/O.

PIC Micro-controllers Peripherals:

All the numbers of the PIC18 family come with ADC analog to digital converter, timers, and USART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) as standard peripherals. The ADC is 10-bit and the number of ADC channels in each PIC chip varies from 5 to 16, depending on the number of pins in the package. The PIC18 can have up to 4 timers besides the watchdog timer. The USART peripheral allows us to connect the PIC18 based system to serial ports such as the COM port of the IBM PC. Many of the PIC18 family members come with the I2C and CAN bus as well.

PIC Trainer:

We will discuss the design of the PIC18F458 trainer extensively. This trainer programmed using the PICkit2. The MDEPIC trainer is also compatible with other 40-pin devices from Microchip.

Other Micro-controllers:

There are many popular 8-bit micro-controllers besides the PIC chip. Among then are the 8051, 68HC11, AVR, and Z8. Besides Intel, a number of other companies make the 8051 family. The AVR is made by Atmel Corp. Free scale (Motorola) makes the 68HC11 and many of its variations. Zilog produces the Z8 micro-controllers.


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