SECTION II-3: Decoders and Flip-Flop Application of Logic Gates


Decoders are widely used for address decoding in computer design. Demonstrated below decoders for 9 (1001 binary) and 5 (0101) using inverters and AND gates.


Address Decoders
address-decoder-for-9.jpg address-decoder-for-5.jpg

Address decoder for 9 (Binary 1001) The Output of the AND gate will be 1 if and only if input is Binary 1001

Address decoder for 5 (Binary 0101). The output of the AND gate will be 1 if and only if the input is Binary 0101



A widely used component in digital systems is the Flip-flop. Flip-flops are used to store data. Below diagram demonstrated the logic diagram, block diagram and the truth table for a Flip-flop.

The D Flip-flop is widely used to latch data. Notice from the truth table that a D type Flip flops grabs the data at the input as the clock is activated. A D type Flip-flop holds the data as long as the power is ON.


D Flip-Flops
d-flip-flops-circuit-diagram.jpg d-flip-flops-block-diagram.jpg d-flip-flops-truth-table.jpg
D Flip-flop Circuit Diagram D Flip-flop Block Diagram D Flip-flop Truth Table


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