SECTION I-5: Converting Between Binary and Hex Number System

To represent a Binary Number as its equivalent Hexadecimal number, start from the right and group 4 bits at a time, replacing each 4-bit binary number with its Hex equivalent. To convert from Hex to Binary, each Hex digits is replaced with its 4-bit binary equivalent. This is demonstrated below in Examples.

Represent Binary 100111110101 in Hex
First the number is grouped into sets of 4 bits : 1001 1111 0101
Then each group of 4 bits is replaced with its hex equivalent:
1001 1111 0101
9 F 5
Therefore, 100111110101= 9F5 Hexadecimal
Convert Hex 29B to Binary
2 9 B
0010 1001 1011
Dropping the leading zeros gives 1010011011


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