Automatic Wire Stripper

Automatic Wire Stripper

A graphic showing an automatic wire stripper. The stripping jaws, stopping mechanism, clamp and cutting mechanism are illustrated and labelled.

A tool designed to remove the protective covering (jacket) off of a cable to expose the inner wires. Because different wires come in different shapes, there are dozens of different wire strippers available. In the picture is an example of a wire stripper that strips cables when placed in-between the blade and the holder and spun around the cable until the cable jacket can be pulled off.

a hand tool used by electricians to remove insulation from the cut end of an insulated wire

A wire stripper is a small, hand-held device used to strip the electrical insulation from electric wires.

When engaged, an automatic wire stripper simultaneously grips the wire from one side and cuts and removes the insulation from the other. To use it, one simply has to place the wire in the jaws and squeeze the handle. While this device allows even a novice to strip most wires very quickly, it does have some drawbacks. An automatic wire stripper only works on wires in a certain size range. If a wire is too small it may be broken by the pulling force, and if a wire is too large it will not fit in the jaws. Some have an adjustable tension, which adjusts the strength of the gripping jaw, such as the knob below the jaw on the yellow strippers below. When stripping the wire, an individual should grip and pull outwards to prevent injury. Mechanized automatic wire strippers can strip 10 gauge or thinner wires.


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