June 2017

SECTION II-1: File register (Data RAM) Space Allocation in PIC micro-controller

The PIC microcontroller has many other registers in addition to the WREG register. They are called data memory space to distinguish them from program (code) memory space. The data memory space in PIC is a read/write (Static RAM) memory. In the PIC microcontroller literature, the data memory is also called the file register.

File Register (Data RAM) Space Allocation in PIC:-

SECTION I-2: The MOVLW Instruction in the PIC micro-controller

The MOVLW instruction moves 8 bit data into the WREG register. It has following format.

MOVLW k ;move literal value K into WREG


SECTION I-1: The WREG Register in the PIC micro-controller

CPUs use many registers to store data temporarily. PIC micro-controllers have many registers for arithmetic and logic operations.

WREG Register:-


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