Alkaline Cell

Alkaline Cell

A graphic representing the construction of an alkaline cell. A cut-away cross-section illustrates and labels the main components of an alkaline cell.

Alkaline batteries are a type of primary battery dependent upon the reaction between zinc and manganese(IV) oxide (Zn/MnO2). A rechargeable alkaline battery allows reuse of specially designed cells.

Compared with zinc-carbon batteries of the Leclanché or zinc chloride types, alkaline batteries have a higher energy density and longer shelf-life, with the same voltage. Button cell silver-oxide batteries have higher energy density and capacity but also have a higher cost than similar-size alkaline cells.

The alkaline battery gets its name because it has an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide, instead of the acidic ammonium chloride or zinc chloride electrolyte of the zinc-carbon batteries. Other battery systems also use alkaline electrolytes, but they use different active materials for the electrodes.

In any kind of battery , electrolysis is the main method that supports the running of a battery . Electrolysis basically means chemical reaction while conducting current through a mixture. Electrolysis is used not only for making battery , but for various purposes also. These battery are introduced to overcome the weight and mechanical weakness of the lead plates. The main working principle of the alkaline battery is based on the reaction between zinc (Zn) and manganese dioxide (MnO2). Alkaline battery is so named because the electrolyte used in it is potassium hydroxide, a purely alkaline substance.

Advantages of Alkaline Battery:

  1. This has high energy density.
  2. This battery performs equally well in both continuous and intermittent applications.
  3. This performs equally well in low and as well as high rate of discharge.
  4. This also performs equally well at ambient temperature as well as at low temperature.
  5. Alkaline battery has also low internal resistance.
  6. It has enough longer self life.
  7. Leakage is low in this battery .
  8. It has better dimensional stability.

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